Vietnam Emerging Market Fund SICAV (“VEMF SICAV”), launched in June 2014, is a UCITS compliant Luxemburg-incorporated fund. This is a Vietnam dedicated equity fund, mainly investing in public listed equities in Vietnam, on an actively-managed basis. The Fund’s mandate also allows investments in convertible debts and other equity‐linked instruments.

The Fund is open-ended with daily NAV, allowing for daily subscriptions and redemptions


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   Sales Prospestus

   Key Investor Information Document (KIID) – Class A

   Key Investor Information Document (KIID) – Class B

   Key Investor Information Document (KIID) – Class C

   Key Investor Information Document (KIID) – Class D

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Fund Information


Luxembourg / June 2014


• Open-ended UCITS SICAV with daily NAV and Subscription/Redemption.

• Single fund with 4 share classes:

   A Shares (Institutional and HNWIs, EUR), B Shares (Retail, EUR),

   C Shares (Institutional and HNWIs, USD) and D Shares (Retail, USD)

UCITS IV Management Company

IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A.

Fund Manager

VAM (Vietnam)

Custodian Bank/

Fund Administrator/

Registrar and Transfer Agent



KPMG Luxemburg S.à r.l.

Share Classes

     A Shares                  B Shares                  C Shares                 D Shares

 ISIN Code

 Bloomberg ID

 Securities No.

LU1042536018        LU1042536281          LU1218444351       LU1218444435

IPCVEMA LX            IPCVEMB LX             IPCVEMC LX          IPCVEMD LX

   A1XE8U                     A1XE8V                      A14RPQ                 A14RPR

Minimum Initial Investment

  EUR500,000              EUR1,000                 USD500,000            USD1,000

Minimum Subsequent Investment

  EUR100,000              EUR1,000                  USD100,000            USD1,000

Upfront Load

         0%                      Up to 1.5%                        0%                    Up to 1.5%

Redemption Fee

          0%                          0%                                0%                            0%

Management Fee

 Up to 1.62%                Up to 2.12%                Up to 1.62%         Up to 2.12%

Performance Fee

18% over 5% hurdle on high-water-mark basis for all share classes

Sector Breakdown